community together for economic inclusion

v i s i o n →

42nd Avenue will be a welcoming, safe, walkable and eco-friendly commercial district that nurtures a diverse population with affordable goods and services. The district will be distinct for its vibrancy, with attractive storefronts, an interesting streetscape, and destinations where people can gather and meet their everyday needs. The environment will foster stronger connections amongst community members and stimulate local economic development and employment opportunities.

m i s s i o n →

  • Create an inclusive place that meets people’s needs.
  • Empower entrepreneurs and local businesses to better serve the community.
  • Make the commercial district an attractive, friendly and safe place.
  • Increase local employment opportunities through local hiring, use of local services and new entrepreneurship.

It starts with relationships and community. We begin by speaking with community members to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that affect their lives. From that input, we generate priorities and focus resources toward solutions that help achieve community goals. Because Our 42nd Avenue is a partnership with the City of Portland, we have resources to help grow and develop businesses that support stronger livelihoods for our community members.

areas of focus← 

bu s i n e s s →

Strengthening existing businesses, empowering local entrepreneurship and ensuring community members have access to needed goods, services & job opportunities. 

w o r k f o r c e →

Helping local people find jobs, encouraging businesses to hire locally, and connecting people with the resources to build skills & advance.

l a n d →

Filling vacancies with needed community businesses, assisting with property improvement & development, and addressing district-wide land use issues to meet community objectives. 

c o m m u n i t y  e n g a g e m e n t →

The basis of all of our work. Engaging with people to connect them to each other and to needed resources. 


Our 42nd Avenue is an inclusive organization that places tools directly in the hands of community members – people like youAll community members are invited to help guide the direction of Our 42nd Avenue. In fact, to be successful, we need you.

There are many ways to get involved: Lend your thoughts. Volunteer for an event. Help us with a project or design one of your own. Join a committee. There are a lot of ways to help!

A lot is happening on 42nd Avenue and we’d love for you to be a bigger part of it!