Whether you've been in business for thirty years or thirty days... we can help you plan for success, access resources, and build a great community business


First step - grab a cup of coffee with a business DEVELOPment Coordinator with the HISPANIC Metropolitan CHamber of COmmerce, which has dedicated staff to help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop business plans, negotiate leases, secure financing, and more! Connect with us to learn more.


our 42nd Avenue is your connection to grow your business, linking you to:

business planning & advising with partners including -

  • the hispanic metropolitan chamber of commerce

  • Hacienda Community development Corporation

  • Portland State University

  • Small Business Development Center

  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
    and more...

legal advising -

  • Lewis and clark small business legal clinic

capital access -

  • craft3

  • prosper portland

Location services - looking for a space for your business? contact us