A 42nd Avenue Retail/Office Business On-RAMP

A business start-up space, with support and networking space for entrepreneurs of the 42nd Avenue community.


5128-5140A NE 42nd Avenue – at the intersection of 42nd Avenue and Sumner.


42nd Avenue faces a low commercial vacancy rate along with high demand, which makes it a tough environment for small business start-ups.  When Hacienda CDC (former tenant of 5136 NE 42nd Ave.) announced their move to a new office on NE Killingsworth & Cully Boulevard, an opportunity was created for Our 42nd Avenue to ensure that the newly available commercial space remained accessible to community entrepreneurs.  As it stood, the building took up a large footprint and was set up structurally to function as one office.  While leasing and making structural adjustments to the building would have been cost-prohibitive for a small start-up, Our 42nd Avenue was able to leverage its resources to lease the property, create 4 new commercial spaces, and fill them with businesses owned by local entrepreneurs.  Our 42nd Avenue was also able to move and expand its office to a more central location within the district.  


Our mission is to make entrepreneurship more accessible for members of the 42nd Avenue community in an inclusive manner.  The current tenants of GO42! are all owned by women and people of color.  .  

Tenant Profiles

Nightingale Acupuncture & Herbalism, an alternative medicine clinic that offers care through many different modalities, including acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxa, gua sha, and seven star needling.  Owner Kristen Dilley is a licensed acupuncturist in both Oregon & California, as well as being nationally certified.  With over 1000 hours of clinical experience, she is able to address a wide scale of medical issues, providing extensive and compassionate care to the community.  

Essential Quality Care, provides compassionate, individualized in-home medical care. Owned by Vida and Francis Djorgee. Services include skilled nursing services, medication management, wound care, diabetic care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation services, Alzheimer’s support, and more.

Revelations Hair Design by Chanesa, natural and protective hair styling by long-time community business owner and stylist, Chanesa Hart. Services include weaves, braids, twists, and natural hair styling.