Development Services & Opportunities

like much of portland, 42nd avenue is experiencing change - we work to ensure that change benefits members of our community inclusively and equitably.

we collaborate with property owners and developers to usher positive community outcomes. some desired outcomes:

  • creation of adequate, appropriate commercial space

  • balance of space available for different business types

    • ensuring office and production/maintenance uses continue to have space in our community

  • provision of community services and amenities, such as community clinics

  • prioritization of existing community businesses and entrepreneurs in tenanting new space, especially woman and minority-owned businesses




how we can help

Our 42nd avenue leverages relationships and makes strategic investments to facilitate community-beneficial development. some ways we might help include:

  • connecting property owners to resources for development

  • tenant identification and lease-assistance

  • pre-development grants and permitting assistance

  • funds for tenant improvements for specific businesses/opportunities

  • capital access for property acquisition and development, including both loans and grants

  • relationship-building with community members

because we are small, localized organization, we can be nimble to different circumstances. For more information, please contact us.