Photos taken by Peter Gearin

Are you a local business owner or are you looking to start a business? 

Our 42nd Avenue is especially interested in working with community members, whether existing businesses or folks looking to get something started in the district. We have access to business development resources designed to assist in the development of our district economy.

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A little bit about our goals and priorities:

Our 42nd Avenue is looking to connect local prosperity with an enhanced quality of life for community members. We’re most interested in supporting existing businesses, new start-ups by members of our immediate community, opportunities for vulnerable and low-income community members, and projects that train and employ locals in a way to strengthen long-term financial security. Additionally, our aim is to connect economic development with the commercial needs of community members.

What we do for businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Supply information about 42nd Avenue, including:
    • Market information
    • Community preferences and priorities based on community member input
    • Socio-demographic information
    • Policy and historical information
  • Connect interested parties to resources and appropriate people:
    • Business development resources (i.e. PDC, PCC, the Hispanic Chamber of Conmmerce, etc.)
    • Landlord-tenant connections
    • Workforce connections (i.e. PCC, Straight Path, etc.)
  • Serve as a forum to engage members of the 42nd Avenue community through standing and special meetings
  • Advocate for issues important to the appropriate development of 42nd Avenue
  • Manage the investment of NPI funds within the bounds of organizational standards and priorities
  • Purchase, lease, and management of commercial district properties to help preserve an economically diverse business mix reflective of community priorities and goals
  • Work with incoming and existing business owners to encourage local, diverse, and living-wage  hiring

What we don’t do:

  • Write business plans for prospective businesses
  • Provide loans for business operations
  • Disclose private information about businesses or properties
  • Serve the function of a business association or neighborhood association

Things we might do, under certain circumstances:

  • Advocate for specific projects if they:
    • Meet a desired community need
    • Are fully vetted and supported by community members through standard processes