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Lynn Barlow, resident

Lynn has been a member of Our 42nd Avenue's steering committee since 2011 and is looking forward to bringing her professional experience and skills to the board of directors.  A Portland resident since 2000 and a Cully resident since 2010, Lynn has established herself as a experienced environmental restorationist and Natural Areas supervisor with the City of Portland.  Lynn is committed to public service and has previously served on the board of BARK, a local environmental non-profit.  In addition to her passion for environmentalism, Lynn has brought enthusiasm and energy to programs, projects, and outreach for community-driven economic development along 42nd Ave. Lynn is looking forward to working with a the expanded staff of Our 42nd Avenue and a diverse group of board members.

Carolyn Mistell, Property owner of Delphina's Bakery

Carolyn's interest and active participation in the business district on 42nd Avenue began in 2000 when her business, Delphina's Bakery, purchased the building and property at NE Going and 42nd Ave. She took a leave of absence from the business while she attended graduate school to study Anthropology. Carolyn became the sole owner of the business in 2004 and became an active member of the 42nd Avenue Business Association, eventually taking over the role as President and serving as the district representative on the Board of Venture Portland. Carolyn has seen much improvement in the district over the past 10 years and is vested in the future of 42nd Avenue. Carolyn looks forward to 42nd Avenues fulfillment of its potential in becoming a vibrant, community-serving business district. 


stephen green, Community Director at Elevate capital

Stephen studies Economics at Western Oregon University and upon graduation decided to start a career in finance and community development.  With stints at Portland's largest and smallest banks, as well as at the region's economic development agency, Portland Development Commission, he uses his super power for financial problem solving in an effort to help Portland area entrepreneurs start, grow and expand.  When not in his role as Community Director at Elevate Capital, you can find him working tirelessly to support his community on a number of local boards or running one of his startups, seeking to disrupt the universe as we see it.

Rosario Toscuento, owner of PortLaundry 

Rosario is the co-owner of PortLaundry with her mother, Maria Huerta. They purchased the business in 2012. Rosario has lived in Portland for the past 14 years, and currently resides in the Rockwood neighborhood in Gresham. Her family considers themselves a part of the 42nd Avenue community as they spend so much of their time here. Through their business, family and friendships, Rosario and her family know a lot of members of the community. Rosario's deepest personal motivation is to be able to support quality education for her daughter as she grows. She believes her connections with community members and support from the community strengthens her business, ultimately improving the success of her family. Rosario sees this as a reciprocal relationship and hopes that new opportunities for her business will create employment opportunities and quality service for community members. 

RObert "Bob" Granger, Resident, TReasurer 

Bob has been a part of the leadership for the initiative since spring of 2010. This period includes the initial 42nd Avenue Main Street program application, pre-NPI program activities in the district and the formation and operation of the current NPI organization. Bob brings to the organization over 40 years of professional experience in both private and public sectors. He retired from Hewlett-Packard Company in 2001, after holding management positions in business development, marketing and planning. Since 2001, Bob has focused his "encore career" on economic and community development. Bob's formal education is in industrial and systems engineering and business management. His personal journey of introspection, study and reflection has broadened his perspective and expanded his vision for possible futures. Bob's 20 years in Portland has given him an appreciation for the opportunities and challenges of building a sustainable and equitable place for us all to live. 

Guillermo Navarro, owner of iron art of the northwest

Guillermo has owned and operated Iron Art of the Northwest for 19 years, the last 10 of which have been spent at his current location on NE 42nd Avenue. Guillermo's interest in Our 42nd Avenue stems from a desire to help community members more easily start businesses of their own. Having experienced some of the pitfalls of the start-up process, he believes better access to information and to the resources that exist can help many aspiring entrepreneurs thrive where they often fail. He also harbors an interest in promoting learning opportunities for children to pique their interest in new fields and perhaps develop their own businesses in the future. Guillermo connects deeply with the desire to help cultivate professional skills. Guillermo has a firmly held belief in community as the source of prosperity, and he hopes to share insights as a member of the Our 42nd Avenue Board. 

William H. Buck, Resident  

Bill has lived in the community for the vast majority of his life and has deep ties here. In addition to his institutional and professional experience, he brings with him deep consideration for the community's future development. As a legally blind, retired community member, Bill has an awareness of physical challenges affecting the daily livability of the district for those with physical impairments. Bill's professional experience includes nearly 40 years in child and adult education, 22 of which were spent as the principle of an elementary school. He holds significant organizational experience, having volunteered with many non-profit organizations and serving on several boards. Citing a strong desire is to ensure the transparency and thoughtfulness of the Board's activities in the pursuit of community-identified goals, and to nurturing inclusive leadership, Bill is committed to Our 42nd Avenue's mission of community-led economic development. 

Molly Chidsey, Resident, Board Chair  

Molly Chidsey is a Community Partnerships Project Manager for Metro regional government in Portland, Oregon.  In this capacity, she coordinates Metro's Solid Waste Community Enhancement Grant program, develops partnerships that generate community benefits, and leads implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion goals within Metro's Property and Environmental Services department.  Sumner Street has been Molly's home for 9 years, and she has volunteered with Our 42nd Avenue since 2012.  She also serves on the board of Social Justice Fund Northwest.  Molly is an avid gardener, loves road trips and is re-learning how to play the piano.  Molly is proud to be a part of Our 42nd Avenue because it is a place where our community has a voice, where we lift up our shared values and work together for a shared vision for the future.  

Dr. Neil Gehred, owner of Wilshire Dental

Neil was born in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, where his father was a family doctor for the Indian Health Service. After enduring Midwest summers and winters, he graduated from the University of Creighton School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Gehred would eventually practice for 5 years in Santa Fe. But not fearing change, Neil and his wife Nicole decided they wanted to lay down roots and raise their, now, five daughters - Natalee, Jackie, Maggie, Sylvia and Annalise - in a community that prioritizes the values that mean the most to them. In the Pacific Northwest and especially in Northeast Portland, they found the vitality and strong sense of community they were looking for. Dr. Gehred strives to build on the 50 years of commitment, service and dedication to Northeast Portland and 42nd Avenue that Dr. Griffith and Dr. Canepa helped build before him. This is why Our 42nd Avenue NPI and its mission is so appealing; it us a recognition that 42nd Avenue is a vibrant, living community that cherishes its most precious resource as all the people who call it home.  

Rey Espana, Director of Community Development for NAYA

Rey is the Director of Community Development for the NAYA Family Center, has over 38 years of experience in community development projects including affordable housing, neighborhood initiatives, acquisitions, direct service development, home repair and weatherization of low income housing, and education. Mr. Espana serves as the Project Lead for the NAYA Family Center on the NAYA Generations Project, an inter-generational housing, early-learning center and Long House-cultural center providing leadership, guidance, and culturally relevant input on the intended program. Rey's interest in serving on the board is founded in his long standing involvement and engagement in Cully community economic development. Rey offers up his personal and professional skills, abilities and knowledge to further equitable opportunities for all community members as we implement the city's Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative. 

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