What is it?

Rigler School is a Title 1 Focus school located within the Cully Neighborhood. It is also a SUN school, administered by Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO).  87% of the children are eligible for free & reduced lunch and currently, only 47% of children are meeting the 3rd grade reading benchmark, an early indicator of high school graduation. Central Northeast Childhood Reading Initiative is a collective impact campaign, formed from a partnership between Our 42nd Avenue, Rigler School, and Multnomah County Library, that engages community members from diverse backgrounds as reading coaches for our community’s children, emphasizing the importance of neighborhood relationship building. 


After our initial training in February 2015, 32 new volunteers signed up to tutor children across Rigler School, Harvey Scott Elementary, and Villa de Mariposas. The neighborhood has been flooded with nearly 2000 books thanks to multiple book drives supported by PSU and New Seasons. Due to the generous donations, we host a pop-up lending library at the Cully Farmers Market every Thursday evenings. And, after seeing the community's incredible response to this neighborhood emergency, Rigler School has now been dubbed a SMART School (Start Making A Reader Today), and will be afforded even more resources to boost literacy school-wide. 



Supported by the Central Northeast Neighbors Coalition Small Grants Program

None of this would have been possible without our wonderful community partners: