Ignite Youth: Cully Farmers Market's Youth Booth

Ignite Youth Program 2015 - empowering youth to become active designers of their own businesses at the Cully Farmers Market.

 The participants begin the program by attending Workshop Tuesdays, held under the supervision of Rachel Hestmark, business owner of R Hestmark Designs, located in the 42nd Avenue Business District. It is here the youth are given lessons in production, marketing, and other basic entrepreneurial information.

 They then take their product to Market Thursdays, a platform for the youth to sell their handmade goods to the public, while sharing their creative mind on how they came to design and own their businesses. The booth is a collective of young boys and girls illustrating the success of a young collaborative and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

 With great parent support, the youth had their first experience at the market during the last Thursday in June. Ranging in ages 5 to 14, the kids were excited and delighted to make some money selling their products, and even receive custom orders from a few patrons of the market.  It is truly exciting to see them engage in public speaking and provide outstanding customer service at such a young age.

 Ignite Youth is proud to see our community’s youth be responsible, respectful, and having fun while nurturing their entrepreneurial spirits.